· DirtQuake (DQ) is organised and promoted by Goose Live Events Limited (Organiser) whereas all on-track race activity is run by the DTRA.

· In 2019, the venue for DQ is Arlington Stadium, Arlington Road, West Hailsham, BN273RE and the event dates are 9-10 August.

· All Riders interested in racing at DQ must pre-register their bike and apply online via www.dirtquake.com. Submitting an application does not guarantee entry into a race.

· Registrations will close at midnight on Tuesday 30 April. Applications made outside of these dates may be considered at the sole discretion of the Organiser. Applications on the day will not be accepted. All applications will be reviewed and Riders will be notified no later than Friday 17 May if an application to race has been accepted.


· Only Riders aged 18 years or older as at Friday 9 August and holding a full UK, European or International bike licence appropriate for the bike being entered, are eligible.

· MoT and standard motor insurance policies are not a requirement but every bike (and each helmet) will be inspected by the DTRA before a Rider is permitted to race on the track to ensure the bike and its Rider are race-ready. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure that the bike is in a safe condition. This is not a race for scrapyard bikes nor a moped mayhem and competition bikes or bikes that could enter the DTRA are not eligible to race at DQ. On the day, all Riders will need to buy a race day licence (if not already an MCF member) when signing-on to race. The licence is £15 and payment will be required in cash. Please note that this is not included in your DQ race entry fee.

· DirtQuake is an event for road bikes, not thoroughbred race bikes, but we expect some common sense bike preparation.

o    Light lenses should be taped up.

o    Mirrors removed, if possible, taped up if not.

o    The front sprocket must be covered with a guard.

o    If you bike has cast/mag wheels with gaps big enough for a hand/arm to go through the wheel must be covered in such a way that gaps are blocked. Anything you add to cover these holes must be securely fastened.

o    Anything sharp must be removed or covered

o    Anything loose must be tightened.

o    No leaking fuel tanks.

o    Throttles must be self-closing, no sticky throttles please.

o    Bikes must have at least a working rear brake.

o    The machine must be able to be turned off with a key or killswitch.

o    Bikes must be generally roadworthy. No death traps, please.

o    Motocross knobbly tyres are not permitted.

o    All bikes will have a brief technical inspection before practice, but it is your duty, as the racer, to guarantee your machine complies.

o    Any questions, get in touch.


· Racing at DQ will be conducted for the following categories:

o    Chopper - Hardtails, soft tails, diggers, fat tyres, lowriders, springers, Z bars, ape hangers... It's got to look like a chopper to be in this class. If your bike is a factory custom you must enter IRB. We just want the wildest chops in this race.

o    Inappropriate Road Bike (IRB) - The class devised to get anyone and everyone racing. This group is for road bikes that don't fit into other categories, but they must be anything but the ideal dirt track race bike. Vincent Black Shadow to Honda Monkey and anything in between.

o    Street Tracker - Trackers and scramblers that resemble race bikes, but are road legal. Can be custom built or straight from the factory, like a Ducati Scrambler.

o    Scooter - Vespa, Lambretta, pizza delivery, Honda Cub, auto or handshift, if it has little wheels and enclosed bodywork, this is the class.

o    Womens - Of course, women can enter any class they like, but DirtQuake's women's class is always popular. Whatever bike you ride, any woman can enter this class. One class per rider only though.

o    Hooligan -  The DTRA's National Hooligan class is for modified bikes with a minimum of two cylinders, 750cc minimum and a stock main frame (subframes/seat rails can be modified). Indian Scout, Harley Sportster, Ducati and Scrambler are all popular Hooligan bikes as listed in the regs on the DTRA website, here.

· Riders will only be accepted for one race category as determined by the Organiser at its sole discretion. Riders must choose which category to enter; its suitability for this category will be reviewed by the Organiser in consultation with its advisers and DTRA. If it is determined that the bike would be better suited to an alternative category, the Rider will be contacted by the Organiser.

· When completing the race registration form, Riders must submit a photo of the bike being registered. This must be a photo of the bike to be raced (even if it isn't yet finished/ race-ready). Only the bike registered may race, if accepted. Changes to bikes registered are only possible at the discretion of the Organiser by emailing: dirtquake@goose.co.uk.

· Subject to successful completion of Rider sign-on, an authorisation to race following the inspection of the bike and helmet by the DTRA, and the Rider briefing, Riders will get one practice, two heat races and, if their results are good enough, a final. To ensure accuracy of results, each Rider will be supplied with a transponder for which a returnable cash deposit of £40 must be paid on collection at rider sign-on. 


· After a race application has been accepted, a link to pay for the entry will be sent to each Rider with their acceptance confirmation. The race entry fee is £60 per accepted entry including VAT. A race entry is not valid until full payment has been received. All race entries are final and no refunds will be given.

· The person applying to race at DQ must be the person that races; it is not possible to enter DQ and then nominate someone else to race the accepted bike entry. However, it is not a requirement that the owner of the bike is the rider. Bikes cannot be shared between two people in the same class.

· All helmets must meet MCF regulations*, and all riders must wear suitable shatterproof eye protection (visor or motorcycle goggles), motorcycle gloves, long trousers, long sleeve tops and over the ankle sturdy boots (not canvas trainers). We highly recommend that riders do not compromise on their safety gear and that leathers, armour, back protector, full-face helmet are all worn. No helmet or body mounted cameras are allowed.
*The MCF regulations state that helmets must comply with at least one of the following:

o    British Standard Institution BS 6658-A;

o    British Standard Institution BS 6658-B;

o    UN EVE Regulation 22 ECE 22-05;

o    Snell Memorial Foundation Snell M2005 or M2010 (individual approval only) M2005.  


· The event will be run using MCF Regulations and using the MCF code of practice.

· All Riders (and those attending with them) must respect the officials and their teams running the races.

· DQ operates a zero tolerance policy and any Rider found to be under the influence of drink or drugs during the day will be immediately excluded.

· Riders must ensure their bike has enough fuel for the races before arriving at the venue.

· Bikes will be parked in a designated, marked area for each race category. No riding will be permitted in the pits (nor the car parks). All Riders will be given a wristband when signing-on to race as means of identification to assist with entry into pits during periods of restricted access.

· All Riders will be issued with a race plate for their bike when signing-on to race. The colours and numbers are pre-allocated to assist with lap-scoring and TV filming therefore must not be swapped. These must be attached to each bike and clearly visible throughout.

· All Riders understand that DirtQuake is a televised event and by attending DQ, give express consent to their name and their actual or simulated likeness being included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording to be exploited in any and all media for commercial and/or promotional purposes at any time throughout the world, the copyright to which shall be owned by the Organiser or its contractors without payment or compensation. If attending DQ with a child within their care aged under 18 years, the Rider hereby give the Organiser their express consent on behalf of the child with respect to the rights granted above.

· In the event that a Rider’s race is cancelled on the Saturday of DQ, the Rider may be eligible for a partial refund. Any cancellation must be formally notified by DQ either through a formal announcement at the Event or on the DQ website before any refunds are payable. When making any formal notification, the process for applying for a refund will be outlined. Refunds won’t be made on the day of the Event. Any claims made must be within 30 days from the date of the cancelled Event. Claims made outside of the 30 days from the date of the cancelled event won’t be considered for a refund.